About TBG

TBG (Technology Breakthrough Gadgets) is a subsidiary of Shenzhen ChengWei Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen ChengWei Enterprise Co., Ltd. begins with resources integration of successful entrepreneurship, focuses on rechargeable batteries, digital mobile, renewable solar energy, energy storage system and lifestyle consumer electronics, with strong experience in ODM / OEM, product design optimization and technology innovation.

Our business model is to integrate digital marketing, social media marketing, multi-channel networking and international e-commerce platform to build stronger B2C, B2B and O2O platforms. We bring together experienced product designers, product managers, manufacturers and one-stop e-commerce platforms to realize the innovative business concept from perfect designs to smooth consumer adoption. We invested in value added product developments and commercial projects, committed to becoming a new brand in the international arena.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Shenzhen ChengWei Enterprise Co., Ltd. still growing fast in South East Asia countries, ensuring an uninterrupted supply chain for medical products and brand development. We start our journey with new generation corporate culture, nurturing and improving employee communication, cooperation, welfare and performance. We adapted new normal in our works and lifestyle, and empowering our team to grow their talents, self-reliance, dedication, innovation and ambition.

The team in Shenzhen ChengWei Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been always energetic, passionate and with a young-heart. We strongly believed that integrity, teamwork and satisfactory can build a stronger company that realizes dreams.