EBL EB-650381615 9V 600mAh iQuick USB Lithium Battery Charger

EBL EB-650381615 9V 600mAh iQuick USB Lithium Battery Charger

Brand: EBL

Catalogue Number: EB-650381615

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  • Pack of 5 9V Batteries
  • The charger has 5 slots for 9V rechargeable batteries.
  • Smart LED indicators let you know the charging status for each 9V battery.
  • The charger has short circuit and input voltage detection and protection.
  • The charger can freely charge 1 to 5 9V batteries.
  • The charger has a quick 2A USB input design for efficient and convenient charging.
  • EBL battery charger can charge up your rechargeable batteries which are out of power. This brand new charger is one of the most popular environmentally-friendly products. This 5-slot 9V battery charger can charge 1 to 5 pcs 9V lithium-ion batteries. EBL chargers are strongly built and can offer safe, quick charging for your rechargeable batteries. This EBL-503 iQuick 9V Li-ion rechargeable battery charger has a unique USB input design for quick recharging. Due to advanced MCU system, the charger will automatically stop charging when batteries are fully charged, using the △V and -△V cut-off charging method.