EBL BS-2634 3V CR1220 Button Cell Batteries

EBL BS-2634 3V CR1220 Button Cell Batteries

Brand: EBL

Catalogue Number: BS-2634

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  • Eco-friendly Lithium Coin Cells. These EBL eco-friendly primary cells are non-rechargeable CR1220 3V Lithium button cell batteries.
  • These 5-count EBL brand-new 40mAh CR1220 batteries have up to 3 years shelf life due to super low self discharge rate.
  • The lithium coil cell batteries are first-rate 3V coin cells for watch electronics and other gadgets.
  • These environmentally-friendly alkaline batteries can be used safely and conveniently in everyday life.
  • These button cells don’t contain Hg, Cd, Pb or Mercury.
  • They are built solidly to be safe for long time use