1m cable length data transfer and charging. Adorable Ali design.
Eco-Friendly and durable powerbank. It can charge iPhone 8 11.9 times per charge.
The combination of aluminium alloy and corrugated concave design creates a body with a great grip, giving you an excellent
Its a fast charger that can charge iPhone 7 up to 4 times. Its made from durable polycarbonate aviation material
​​​​​​Portable charging dock for any device. Compatible with most notebooks on the market. High Compabilty Multifunction Use.
60 Super Fast Charge and 176 minutes to Fully Charge Macbook High Compabilty Multifunction Use for Medical Equipment / Survey
​​​​​​Can be used to charge notebooks. Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0. Dual output Fast Charge 3D Retro Plaid Design. Better Grip and
Lithium Battery which is light and portable that can operate 30 hours continuously. Its fan emulates natural wind.its also heat
1 Charge Lasts up to 30 Hours. Comfortable to Hold. High Quality Lithium Battery. High Charging Efficiency Rate. Multiple Circuit
The fast charging technology is a new high-speed charging solution proposal. Faster transmission speed and more powerful power transmission, fast
​​​​​​High Quality Lithium Battery. Long Cycle. High Compatibility. AI-powered Chip. Quality Assurance. Temperature and Short Circuit Protection. Genuine ALI Licensed
Safe Fast Charging. Dual USB Output. Intelligent Microchip. Short Circuit Protection. Overheat protection. Adorable Design
Lithium Cell Battery Lasts for 5 Hours. Simulated Natural Wind. Adjustable Wind Speed. Quiet Operation. Lightweight and Portable
3 Output design. High Compatibility. Intelligent Microchip. Short Circuit Protection. Overheat protection. Maximum 8A Output
High compatibility, lifetime smart core for various digital devices, automatically identify mobile phone and tablets.
Lithium polymer battery Powerbank that is simple and stylish Made from carbon aviation aluminium. 3A fast charging
Simple, Practical with ergonomic engineering. Polycarbonate aviation material shell that is anti-stress/anti-collision. Dual way fast charging lithium battery
C4 USB hub smart fast charging adapter is made from PC and ABS. 6 Protections: Temperature, Overcurrent, Short Circuit, Overcurrent,